Reference Manual
This area lists all external scenes that are imported successfully by Vanda Engine 1.
External Scenes area
Each external scene is rendered in its own layer. The checkbox specifies whether the external scene should be rendered. For example, sometimes you need to work on specific scenes to generate their colliders. In this case you can disable other layers and easily work on the visible layers. Another example: Sometime you need to disable an external scene and show it while colliding with a trigger.
When you save the current VScene, the checkbox status of each layer is saved a well. So if you publish the VScene, all of the external scenes marked as invisible are not rendered. So before publishing the VScene, make sure that all of the checkboxes are checked correctly.
To delete an imported external scene , follow these instructions:
·    Left-click the name of the external scene that you want to remove from Vanda Engine 1.
·    Click the button.
·    In a dialog that appears, click Yes button.
The delete operation does not remove the textures shared among other external scenes.