Reference Manual
To access the general light properties, choose Modify | Light... from the main menu.
COLLLADA lights have a color associated to them. Vanda Engine 1 assigns this color to their diffuse Channel, but it doesn't know anything about the Ambient and Specular channels and shininess of COLLADA lights. This section lets you set these properties for all COLLADA lights.
Lets you assign the Ambient color of COLLADA lights.
Lets you assign the Specular color of COLLADA lights.
Lets you assign the shininess property of COLLADA lights.
These settings are assigned to all COLLADA lights. Dues to that, it's recommended to use Engine Lights instead of COLLADA lights. Engine lights give you more control over their properties.
Engine and COLLADA Lights
Instanced geometries and skins that lie inside light radius are affected by that light.
If quadratic attenuation is greater than 0, this property affects light radius. Higher tolerance values decrease light radius, while lower values increase it.