Reference Manual
Vanda Engine reads PhysX data exported from 3ds Max, Maya, or other 3D tools capable of exporting to PhysX XML format.
When you import a new PhysX XML file, Vanda Engine will remove current physics scene and actors, create a new scene based on the properties specified in XML file, generate a character controller, and populate the scene with the actors imported from PhysX XML file.
The following PhysX elements are imported:
·    PhysX scene and its properties
·    Static and dynamic actors
·    All types of PhysX shapes
·    Materials
Please be aware that built-in Physics Editor of Vanda Engine does not work with external PhysX scenes imported from 3D tools in XML format. Moreover, Vanda Engine does not know how to assign imported actors to instanced geometries and skins. Due to that, it's recommended to use built-in Physics Editor of Vanda Engine instead of importing the PhysX elements from other 3D tools.
To import a PhysX XML file, go to File | Import PhysX menu.
By default, Vanda Engine looks for Assets/PhysX/ path relative to current installation folder to load PhysX XML files.